GE 2020: Here’s A Breakdown Of The National Solidarity Party Manifesto

The National Solidarity Party (NSP) released their manifesto on their official website today (July 1). In the 10-page manifesto, the NSP reiterated their political ideology, which advocated for fair competition, low unemployment and redistribution. Here is a quick overview of the NSP manifesto: 1. Increase Fertility Rate For Population Growth Provide parents with a comprehensive…(Continue Reading)

This S’pore Events Tech Firm Created A Wristband That Tracks Temperature And Makes Payment

PouchNATION launched PouchPASS — a temperature-taking device — on June 24, marking its first foray into the health industry. This Singaporean-based company is an event solutions provider that develops solutions for the events industry, such as NFC-based systems, RFID enabled cashless payments, geolocation, ticketing, POS development and more. PouchPASS: How It Works Complemented by a…(Continue Reading)